Resize section height



Is there a way to resize the height of children rows in the timeline view? I want to be able to create something like this:

As can see, Row 2 and 3 are children rows of Row 1 and the heights are smaller than the height of Row 1. I want to be able to set the height of the children rows to be smaller. Can this be achievable?


The configuration object of the Timeline has a folder_dy property which sets the height of folders in pixels (folders are sections that have child sections).
To set the required height of children, you can use a dy property. You can read about these properties here:
Please check the following example:



Thanks for the example and reply! I see that dy sets the height of all the sections that don’t have a child. Is it possible to set the height of a section with no children and is in the highest level? Below is an illustration of this:

Is the timeline view able to allow height customization for row 4 and 5 here regardless of dy?

I’ve tried to add a class like “top-level” to the cells and row headers that are similar to that of row 4 and 5 in the diagram above. I then use CSS to change all classes with “top-level” to my own height but the rows below won’t move.
Here’s what I’ve tried (row 3 won’t move lower to respect row 1 and 2):


Currently, there is no no such functionality to set different heights of the sections. But we have it in our tracker, so in future versions the dev team will implement that feature. Unfortunately, I cannot give you any ETA on when it would happen.