Resizing custom lightbox

I’m using the custom lightbox, which I have set up like this:

viewModel.scheduler.Lightbox.SetExternalLightbox(“MyAction”, 1200, 800);

This gives me a lightbox with a width of 1200 and height of 800. So far so good!

One of my requirements is display a different view depending on whether the user is adding a new event, or editing an existing event. I’ve got this working correctly, with the code in “MyAction” selecting the appropriate view.

However, I would also like to change the size of the lightbox, because the view for editing an event has many more controls than the view for adding an event. How can I change the size of the lightbox after SetExternalLightbox has been called?

unfortunately there is no designed way to resize the custom lightbox from the client.
So you can only do it with the custom js code on the client.

Code might look like following:[code]scheduler.attachEvent(“onLightbox”, function (id) {
var box = scheduler.getLightbox(); = ‘1020px’;

var frame = box.getElementsByTagName("iframe")[0];
if (frame) { = '1000px'; = '500px';
scheduler.setLightboxSize();//recalculates lightbox height, which depends on the content. Widht has to be set manually
return true;


Client-side api: … duler.html