Resizing grid with browser window


We are initialising a grid within a div element which has its width property set to “100%”.

When the browser window is enlarged, the grid does not resize with it.

Is there any way to get it to maintain 100% width at all times?


The grid will resize automatically in next cases
- column’s width set in percents ( setInitWidthsP )
- at least one of columns set to auto-size ( * as size )

In any case you can use code similar to next

Applying the grid.setSizes call on the window.resize event did not have any effect however after some more testing I have isolated the problem down to the split functionality.

If I call splitAt(1) to fix the leftmost column in place, the right-hand side of the grid no longer expands to fit the browser window.

It appears that this is because the absolutely-positioned table which contains the right-hand side of the grid has two widths specified:  a value of ‘100%’ specified in the ‘width’ attribute of the table element, and a value in pixels (presumably calculated at the time of loading) specified using the ‘style’ attribute.  If I remove the CSS width attribute, the grid resizes normally.

Is there any reason that it works this way, or could the code be modified so that only the 100% specification remains?


In case of split mode, please try to use next code in onresize event handler
It will force an update for both left and right parts of grid.

Excellent.  Thanks.