Resizing Issue - dhtmlXLayoutObject

I need to make the dhtmlXLayoutObject (“2U”) object to be resized if the window size is changed.
This is not working.
If the window size is lesser than the default value then Scrolls should get appeared in the Layout Object.
And if the size of window is increased, the size of Layout object should increase in proportion.
I tried this successfully with “dhtmlXGridObject”. There is a method for that as “enableAutoHeight”.
Is there any such method for “dhtmlXLayoutObject”. I tried using few methods however, no luck.
viz. setAutoSize(“a;b”, “a;b”); and dhxLayout.setSizes();

I observed that -

  1. We cannot have “div” (Layout Object) width and height in “%” percentage (sizes allowed only in “px”).
    This is again a barrier to set the sizes in proportion to the window size.
  1. We cannot avoid the sizes to be mentioned in the div, so that it can be handled from attached event function.

Please suggest
Attached is the file with code.
P.S.: Further I need to attach Tree and TabBar in the Cells. Would appreciate if the solution works in that scenario as well. (735 Bytes)

<div id="parentId" style="scrolling: auto; position: relative; top: 20px; left: 20px; width: 600px; height: 400px; </blockquote> </blockquote> <p>The layout container has 600x400 size. To change the layout size, you need to change the size of layout container and tehn call setSizes() method.</p>

Thanks for reply.
It was resolved by passing document.body as parameter while creating dhtmlXLayoutObject. :slight_smile:
I did not get a chance to take a look at this thread after it got resolved. Sorry for delayed reply. :blush: