Resizing layout in window

I have a DHX Window with a Layout attached, so I can attach multiple objects (a form and a grid). The layout is configured like this:

win.layout = new dhx.Layout("win-layout-container",{
    height:     "100%",
    width:      "100%",
    rows:       [

I’ve made the window resizable, and everything is working pretty well except for one issue: When I increase the height of the window, the grid properly expands with it, but when I reduce the height of the window, the grid’s height does not change. I’ve tried repainting the grid and layout on the resize event of the window, but that doesn’t change anything.

Note: I have the grid configured for autoWidth, and the width of the grid does properly resize with the window.

I apologize for the delay.
The problem is confirmed.
We’ll try to find a solution in the future updates.

Your requested problem was fixed in the dhtmlxSuite 6.4.4