resizing of textarea also resizes fieldset

I have a form with a fieldset and a textarea. Here is a working sample from the Online-VisualDesigner:

var main_layout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.body, '1C');
var a = main_layout.cells('a');
var str = [
	{ type:"fieldset" , name:"form_fieldset_1", label:"Fieldset", list:[
	{ type:"input" , name:"form_input_1", label:"Input"  },
	{ type:"input" , name:"form_input_2", label:"Input"  },
	{ type:"input" , name:"form_input_3", label:"Input"  }
	]  },
	{ type:"input" , name:"form_input_4", label:"Input", rows:"5"  }
var form_1 = a.attachForm(str);

When I resize the width of the textarea, the fieldset gets expandet as well (even bigger then the textarea).

How can i make them independent from each other, or at least only expand the fieldset if it is bigger then the textarea?
The same problem occurs when I set the width of the textarea hardcoded.



try to add inputWidth to fieldset,
{ type:“fieldset” , name:“form_fieldset_1”, label:“Fieldset”, inputWidth: 300, list:[

(increase/descrease width by experimental way)

thanks, it works!