Resizing when Vault is inside a window

Is it possible to resize the vault form so that when it’s put into a dhtmlxwindow, it’ll resize as the window resizes?

Yes in new version. Please email me and i will send it.

Please also send me a copy at, thanks a lot.

When running in a lower vertical resolution, the vault doesn’t fit in our layout. Ideally, we could adjust the number of rows (the height, we don’t need to show 3 uploaded files) the vault uses and shorten the width. I understand there aren’t properties available, can this be done in javascript? Please help, this is enough to kill the usage of the control which we are very fond of .

Can you also send me re sizable version. My email Id:

Please send me resizable version. My email address is
Thank you.

pls send me resizeable version to

Guys, the new version of dhtmlxVault was officially released that supports the ability to adjust the sizes of the uploader box:

this is awesome news I am going to upgrade to the latest release straightaway