Resource control hide empty does not work as expected

When we click hide empty on resource control it does not show selected resource for the respected task.
see your documentation example here.

Hello Suba,
Unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce it:
Please send me a video or give me the steps to reproduce the issue.

Hi Ramil,

Thanks for your reply. I am unable to play your video. I use mac.
Please see my recording.

Hello Suba,
Thank you for sending the video.
I was able to reproduce the issue. Looks like that resource filter caches the previous values and uses them. I added it as a bug in our internal tracker, and the dev team will fix it in the future.
Now, as a workaround, you can reset the lightbox before opening it:

gantt.attachEvent("onBeforeLightbox", function(task_id) {
    return true;

Here is the snippet:

FYI, we’ve just released a bugfix update v7.0.7, the bug with removing cached entries in the “hide empty” list should be fixed now.