Resource Usage Diagram (AngularJS Implementation?)


I’m looking for a possible implementation of the resource usage diagram using AngularJS. … agram.html

I followed the blog post and was able to render the Gantt view in my AngularJS app.

Gantt View in AngularJS … tmlxgantt/

I have a requirement to add the resource usage view as well.

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  • ndy

Resource chart is available only for PRO version. If you have PRO version, you can connect it to the existing angular installation with this command:

npm install [path to gantt folder]

for example:

npm install /opt/gantt

You can read more about it there: … ntoproject

After that you need to add the code to src/app/components/ according to the following article: … oaddiagram

Here is an example for you: …
After unpacking it somewhere, use “npm install” command, then connect gantt professional version from your folder.

Thanks @ramil

I purchased the PRO version license so I’m good there.

We are still on Angular 1 for this particular project. Any reference implementation using the older version of Angular?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

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Here is the demo with the resource chart for Angular1: …