Resource Usage - Rollup Resources to Resource Group

Is there a way to rollup resource hours to to the resource group. In demo it shows blank value for the resource group.

Hello Greg,
Yes, it can be implemented by using Gantt API.
First, you need to enable the following option to allow calculating resource_cell_value and resource_cell_class templates for the cells that do not have assigned tasks:

Then you need to check if a task has the parent parameter. If it has that parameter, you return the regular value. If not, you get all children of the resource, get all tasks assigned to the child and check if the task appears on the cell. Then you return the number of tasks that appear on the cell:

    gantt.templates.resource_cell_value = function(start_date, end_date, resource, tasks){
        if (resource.parent) return "<div>" + tasks.length * 8 + "</div>";
        else {
          var store = gantt.getDatastore(gantt.config.resource_store);
          var field = gantt.config.resource_property;
          var tasks = gantt.getTaskBy(field, store.getChildren(;
          var task_value = 0;
          for (var i = 0; i < tasks.length; i++) {
			var task = tasks[i];
            if (+task.start_date <= start_date && end_date <= +task.end_date)
          if (task_value) return "<div>" +  task_value * 8 + "</div>";
          else return null;

Here is an example of how it might be implemented:

Thanks for the rollup code. All rollups are in purple whether overallocated or no. Can this be updated to indicate if the resource group is overallocated. Overallocation can be evaluated as 1) any resource overallocated would show group overallocated or 2) only when sum of resources exceeeded the sum of availability is overallocated.

Hi @gwinterhalter!
I’ve updated Ramil’s snippet to indicate resource groups overallocation,
here is an example

I’ve marked changed lines with comments like // changed .. if you want to see what exactly has changed.

I’ve moved calculation of tasks inside a parent group into a separate function (originally, it was coded inside resource_cell_value template), and used this function in resource_cell_class template in order to color resource group labels based on their load