Can someone help me. I have basically written the POST/GET routine in the sample i get no xml back, it says it got a response but no xml is displayed. I tried sending Text and get the same results. Sometimes i get System error: -2146697211.
dhtmlxcommon.js, line 25 character 517

I am at a complete loss. I do not know where to turn. Has anyone else expeierenced this? Do I have an IE setting wrong. I do not get the error in Mozilla, but I still get nothing back!
Thank you
Charlie Elliott

P.S. I have logmein installed on my computer and would gladly let you look at my code and play with it. It is just like the exmple code.

Do you ask about dhtmlxAjax ?
The ready sample is:

on the website: … quest.html

Alex -

That is exactly what i am running. Today I am not getting the error but I am still getting nothing back

I says the message was sent and then “We got response” but there is no xml listed.

any help would be appreciated.


The sample requires php. Is it installed ?

Also check that your server-side script returns the correct xml.