Retrieve grid's value after form submit

I have the sample code run successfully on my machine. However I need to retrieve all the grid’s value in the server side code whenever I click Submit button? How do I do that?

I have tried something like this on the server side code which I believe can retrieve value in row 1, cell 1
strCol1 = Request.Form(“gridbox_r1_1”)
Response.Write strCol1
but nothing seems to be displayed. I’m out of idea, appreciate any help from Support.

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Dear Support,

Hope you assist me in this problems. TQ.

Your solution is correct, but it misses one step. By default form integration will send only data of changed rows, if you need to receive all data, you need to add one more command to the init


Thanks for the reply.
I have try using what you have recommended. However I dont know how to get the value being passed via submit form.

I try to display them as
Request.Form(“gridbox_r1_1”) but nothing displayed.

Hope you can help me, really stuck with this problem.

default data format is
You can use api to define your custom naming scheme … ieldname&s[]=setFieldName

Is there any sample on {GRIDID}{ROWID}{COLUMNINDEX} and setFieldName.

Sorry for asking this but I’m really new to your dhtmlx components and still learning from time to time. Hope you can help.

Check the attached sample (104 KB)

When I check your sample, I realise that I did not specify tag and tag in my code. That’s why there are no form’s value being passed to server side code whenever I click Submit button. Whenever I incorporate those tags, I can see the values being displayed.

One more question, how do I get total number of rows being passed?

Like DataProcessor I can use Request.Form(“ids”) whereby ids is a comma separated list of updated rows ids.

gridbox_0_0 -1500
gridbox_0_1 A Time to Kill
gridbox_0_2 John Grisham
gridbox_1_0 1000
gridbox_1_1 Blood and Smoke
gridbox_1_2 Stephen King
gridbox_2_0 -200
gridbox_2_1 The Rainmaker
gridbox_2_2 John Grisham
gridbox_3_0 350
gridbox_3_1 The Green cxMile
gridbox_3_2 Stephen King
gridbox_4_0 700
gridbox_4_1 Misery
gridbox_4_2 Stephen King
gridbox_5_0 -1200
gridbox_5_1 The Dark Half
gridbox_5_2 Stephen King
gridbox_6_0 1500
gridbox_6_1 The Partner
gridbox_6_2 John Grisham
gridbox_7_0 500
gridbox_7_1 It
gridbox_7_2 Stephen King
gridbox_8_0 400
gridbox_8_1 Cousin Bette
gridbox_8_2 Honore de Balzac
gridbox_9_0 -100
gridbox_9_1 Boris Godunov
gridbox_9_2 Alexandr Pushkin
gridbox_10_0 -150
gridbox_10_1 Alice in Wonderland
gridbox_10_2 Lewis Carroll

Unfortunately form doesn’t send such data by default.

You can add just a plain hidden input to the form, and store list of row IDs in it, after grid loading.