Retrieve the value instead the id on select item in from

I have a form select type, whose value comes from a database (with connector)
I would like to retrieve the value instead of the id (with getItemValue()).

is it possible to get the text (with getItemText()) instead of id.

or is there a mechanism to do this at the server side by doing this:

$options = new SelectOptionsConnector($conn,"PDO");
	$options->render_complex_sql("SELECT AS id,f.nom AS frais FROM ligneparametre lp INNER JOIN nomfrais f ON","id","id,nom");

I think you can change the sql

$options->render_complex_sql("SELECT AS id,f.nom

like next

$options->render_complex_sql("SELECT  f.nom AS id, f.nom

and as result will have set of data with “id” the same as the text label

Thank you for the support, everything works fine