Retrieve Windows Id


I am facing the problem, that I am setting the window Id dyanmically while creating a new window.

In below example the windowId is dynamic.

createWindow(windowId, locationX, locationY, width, height);

Also I am loading the content as a URL which is a JSP page. From the JSP page if I need to call a javascript method, where I need the “ID” of window, how can I retrieve it.

I tried getId() function but not working correctly.

Please provide the input.




window is available by its object or id:

var windowObject = dhxWins.createWindow(windowId, locationX, locationY, width, height);

There are no other mether to get window.

Id can be got by var id = windowObject.getId() method

Hello Alex,

The scenario is that we need:

We are calling a Javascript method inside a popuped Window. This window has a JSP loaded inside it.

From within this JSP we are calling a Javascript method which is not present in the parent page where we are creating the window using createWindow(…) of dhtmlxwindow

So the issueis that we are within the JSP which is present inside the dhtmlx popup window, so still the querry is same, How to retreive the windowobject or window-id ?




You can try to use the parent.windowObject approach