Return from database star date, end date and duration in hours

Hello guys,

I have problem when return from my database start date (date), end date (date) and duration (int) and parse the information in the GANTT this show correct the start and end date but the duration the gantt control add hours in the original duration, the configuration of work time is 8 hours and the gantt fill all days with 8 hours, can i prevent this and show only my duration from database?

Probably you use the following option:

gantt.config.work_time = true

When it is enabled, Gantt doesn’t include non-working time in the duration. So it increases the task’s length when it is over non-working time. You can remove that option if you don’t want Gantt to calculate the duration.

If that doesn’t help you, please give me more information about your case. And try reproducing the issue in the following snippet:
After it is reproduced, click on the “Share” button and copy the link.