Return (New Paragraph) not working when Editor in Iframe


i have included the Editor in another solution via Iframe.
Shift+Return (New Line) works fine, but when pressing Return the Editor looses the focus and the Main Window gets the Event of Return Key pressed.

Does anyone have an Idea, how to keep focus in editor

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately the problem cannot be reconstructed locally.
If the problem still occurs for you please, provide a complete demo or a demo link, where the problem can be reproduced.

The Problem occurs, when including it into “Dynamics NAV” and starting the Installed Windows Client.
When using the Web Client it works fine.
Technically it is an iframe, but somehow the Dynamics NAV Client controls the “Enter/Return” key.
So maybe you have a Suggestion to set the “PressEnterKey” to important, so that it would not be controlled from the Client and always stays in the Editor.


Today Editor Control is based on a div.
Following Code is replaced by the Editor:

Megabau Editor loading...

Is it maybe possible to make a textarea as base
Megabau Editor loading…

This would solve the Problem, because in a textarea the Return/Enter Key stays inside.

When i try this, the Editor genartes the UI but it stays not editable.

Thanks in advance.