Returning success in a customize update function


I’m trying to make my own CRUD operation.

I have the code for server-side (from this example ):

<?php require_once("../codebase/connector/grid_connector.php"); require("../config.php"); $connection = mysql_connect($mysql_server,$mysql_user,$mysql_pass); mysql_select_db($mysql_db); if (!isset($_SESSION)) session_start(); if(count($_REQUEST) != '0' && $_GET['connector'] != true) { $ids = $_POST['ids']; $status_key = $ids.'_!nativeeditor_status'; switch ($_POST[$status_key]) { case 'inserted': insertTag(); break; case 'updated': updateTag($ids); break; case 'deleted': deleteTag($ids); break; } } else { $grid = new GridConnector($connection,"MySQL"); $grid->enable_log("log_tag.txt"); $grid->dynamic_loading(500); $sql = "SELECT id,name,status,remarks FROM tag WHERE hist_is_recent=1 AND hist_is_deleted=0"; $grid->render_sql($sql,"id","name,status,remarks"); } function insertTag() { global $connection; $connector = new Connector($connection); $connector->configure("tag"); $id = $connector->insert(array( "status" => "101", "name" => "test", "remarks" => "remarks", )); } It's working perfectly excepting the fact that it's appearing in my interface a pop-up with no data in it. I need to return in [i]insertTag()[/i] some $action->success(); where $action it's a DataAction

If you are using custom backend code, it must return the valid response after CRUD operations, which must be xml similar to next

<data> <action type="insert" sid="id" tid="new id"></action> </data>

Check … e#response

Thank you very much. It works!