Returning xml overriding IdhtmlxConnector?

I’m using the dhtmlxConnector and have the following overridden function:

public override IdhtmlxConnector CreateConnector(HttpContext context)
return …

I’m after examples to return XML to populate TreeView?

I can see how to write SQL etc, but no XML? Is it possible?

Many thanks.

Connector package for ASP.Net contains samples of dhtmlxTree usage. …

Hmm, I’m must be getting confused.
I’ve looked at the examples, but they all use SQL as it’s source:

dhtmlxTreeConnector connector = new dhtmlxTreeConnector(

How do you use an XML source, not SQL?

If you are using xml - you load it directly in the client side component … index.html

If you not loading data from database - there is no reason to use connectors on server side.