RIbbon with showView not working correctly

I’m not good in English, so I’ll show source :slight_smile:


Then I changing views, I get error’s in console in view where Ribbon is created.

I wrote small demo (link above) where view changing after 5 seconds, and after 10 second bring back to ribbon view, after this I get error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘offsetHeight’ of undefined

In my reall application (Some source code: pastebin.com/1WQq8zKW). First time everyting works fine, but then I want to view again same “view” there is Ribbon created, I get erorr:

TypeError: this.cell.childNodes[this.conf.idx[h]] is undefined
dhtmlx.js (line 9, col 67863)

Is this bug of Ribbon? Because it’s happening only then I using Ribbon, nothing similar then using Toolbar.

Anyone know this issue or just this for me?


issue confirmed, we will include fix into upcoming 4.4 which will release in a week or so, but if you need fix asap, please open ticket in a member support.