richselect with scrollbar


I wanted to have a richselect where the popup contained a classic scrollbar.

I managed to do this but it behaves strangely.
When you click the scrollbar and hold down the mouse button the popup list disappears after a second or two.
This also happens when you scroll while holding down the mouse button.

This is very annoying when you want to use it on a laptop pc.

If anyone here has a solution for this problem I would very much like to know about it. (835 Bytes)


Touch library was not designed for usage on desktop. However, touch scrolls work in modern browsers without the problem you described. You may use the library as is.
But if you enabled desktop scrolls, you should disable touch events. It can be done as follows:



The app i’m working on is intended for mobile devices,
but it should also be usable on a laptop.
That’s why i need the other scrollbar.

It works now, thank you very much.