RichText - Bulleted lists

Does the RichText component found in Suite 6 allow for bulleted or numbered lists? I see it in the TextEditor found in Suite 5, but not in 6.

Unfortunately currently there are no lists in the richText, but we’re planning to add it in the future updates.

Since bulleted lists are required in my project… and also since I’ve already purchased a version 6 suite license…
What should be my next steps? I’m thinking I could use the version 5 Editor - which has the features I need.
Am I allowed to use the version 5 library under the 6 license ?

I apologize for the delay.
Yes, you are able to use the dhtmlxSuite 5 with the active license of the dhtmlxSuite 6.

Do you have a link to the appropriate file - one that won’t display a license panel ?

Please open the tab “Downloads” in your client area and scroll down the page.
Old versions of the product are at the bottom.