Right email - Combobox in dhtmlxgrid doesn't working proper

Sorry ,the first question i’ve sent to you have a problem. My email i filled in is wrong. Sorry again for bothering you.

Hi. I has just worked with new version of dhtml connector. Combobox is a great feature which you added.

But when testing it, i discovered something very interesting.

When loading dhtmlxgrid with a table has 2 comlumns, and both their type is “co”, it will working well.

But when set 1 type is different “co” and 1 left is “co”, the one set “co” won’t load data from server in combobox.

This is your example:

File 06a_combo.html

For demo purpose only :: &1


And this is 06a_combo_connector.php file:









    $grid = new GridConnector($res);




    /$filter1 = new OptionsConnector($res);






    $grid->set_options(“item_cd”,array(“91”=>“one”, “75”=>“two”));








I don’t know it’s my mistake or your problem. Can you test it again, please.

Thanks for your great work.

Problem was confirmed and fixed.Please try to use attached js file instead of original one( the same fix will be added to the next version of connector )
connector.zip (1.35 KB)