Right orientated tabs inside display wrong

When placing a tabbar within a layout, with the tabs orientated on the right the display appears incorrect. There is a gap on the bottom and the right sides of the tabbar. It appears to me the images used for a border are not being displayed. A right orientated tabbar not part of a layout control does not exhibit the same behavior. You can reproduce the issue by changing the code to “dhxTabbar = dhxLayout.cells(“a”).attachTabbar(‘right’);” in dhtmlxLayout/samples/04_components/04_tabbar.html sample provided with the package.

Could you attach the picture that shows the problem ?

Attached, one file shows a layout + accordion + tab showing the problem, other file shows sample of layout + tab modified to right orientate the tabs

Please define the following style to set the background-color for the line between content and tabs:

.dhx_tabbar_zone_right .dhx_tabbar_zone_dhx_skyblue .dhx_tabbar_lineA { background-color:#D0E5FF; }