RokBox from a link


I am trying to add a lightbox link using RokBox so that when a link is clicked it will load up a video in a new window.

I have modified the template for description to:

return event.mylink?(""+event.text+" "):event.text;

I have also created a custom field called “mylink” in which to hold the URL of the of the video.

However the schedule loads up greyed out with no grid or events.

Is this a conflict between the 2 different lightboxes? If so, any suggestions?

P.s. this is an amazing component btw!

template code is invalid, it need to be changed at least as

return event.mylink?("<a rel ='rokbox' href='"+event.mylink+"'>"+event.text+" </a>"):event.text;

Ok the page loads now with the correct code but when I click on a link it just opens up a new page. I have tried it with rokbox, modal and shadowbox viewer with the same result.

Any thoughts?

Probably caused by RokBox behavior.
The links , which is rendered by scheduler are created dynamically, so it possible that RokBox script just can’t process them during initialization.

Do you have any idea how I could get round it? It doesn’t have to be rokbox but I need to load a video up on the page.

I’ve tried a few solutions but nothing works.

Is there a way to import the lightbox script into the component as it loads? I’ve tried but it returns errors.

You need any plugin which has javascript api to add some link manually, or rescan whole document
As far as I can see , RokBox doesn’t provide such possibility .