Rotation problems on iOS devices

I tried the menu app on the iPad (iOS 5.1), but when I rotate the device sometimes the menu doesn’t render. The screen stays empty. When I swipe on the screen, the menu suddenly renders. Also when I touch a category (which is hidden at the time), the screen renders and opens the selected category.

I haven’t altered the source of the menu app, and I don’t know where to start looking. Could you help me please?

/edit: The total and order part stays visible, it always renders. Probably something in the orientation function?


I noticed this too - any fix for this bug?

Try to call resize() method for layout after rotation:

function orientation(){ var orientation = window.orientation; if (orientation === 0 || orientation === 180){ $$("submenu").define("type","portrait"); } else if (orientation === 90 || orientation === -90){ $$("submenu").define("type","landscape"); } $$("submenu").render(); $$("layout").resize(); }

Hi Alexandra

The original post by Ypho mentions that this is the example “Menu” app from the website - the code already has $$("layout").resize(); as in your example, but the issue still occurs. Could it be a bug?

Thanks for your help

We have modified the demo. Please try it again.