Row based number formatting


Is there any row based number formatting functionality in dhtmlxgrid / dhtmlxtreegrid?

My problem is that, in my record source xml file there are several currencies in the same column, like row 1 is 10 usd, row 2 is 20 eur. If they’d be same currency I could solve the problem via setting column formatting. Currently I have to pass as a string value like “120.00 usd” which doesn’t work well with filtering, obviously filtering also works like string value.

I want to achieve a solution, if I write 120, I would be able to filter record which is 120.00 usd. Now for example cell content is 250.000,00 EUR, but when I write in filtering 50, it shows me the record.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to apply such kind of formating.
You can create a custom column type, which allows to define your own formatting and data storing logic. … olumntypes