Row bold Settting in Grid

When I use addCellCss function it works fine for one cell.

But when I use the addRowCss function it doesn’t work.

Is my css usage wrong?


Hi, it works for me in version 7.2.0 when I removed the comment in the line 23

Thank you for answer.

However, the function I want is to express one row in bold text.

In the image you showed, only certain cells are bold.

i’m try

Is there any problem with my method of use?

Hi, sorry, I was looking at the background. Yes, every grid cell has the class dhx_grid-cell. This class set font-weight to 400 and override the font-weight in .my_custom_class when we set this class in the parent div. We can set the property with !important or modify the selector.

For example:

.my_сustom_сlass .dhx_grid-cell {
    background: greenyellow;
    font-weight: bold;


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