row height

Hello support,

I have split and multiline mode true in grid.

You have given the following method to set the correct row height, when one delete the multiline data from the cell.


                if (stage==“2”){


                    var height=0;

                    for (var i=2; i<this.getColumnsNum(); i++){

                        height=Math.max(height, this.cells(id,i).cell.scrollHeight);




                return true;


Now the problem is when I merge n cells of first column, the first row gets height of n rows.

How to resolve?

Instead of described code, in dhtmlxgrid 1.6 it can be done by using


                if (stage==“2”)
                return true;

There is no safe way to sync. sizes in you have multiline mode and in same time one part of row included in rowspan.