Row hover in frozen column

It seems that when I use grid.splitAt(1) to freeze the first column, the hover effect behaves a bit weird. Currently I have hovered enabled with a class that adds a bottom border to the row.

When i hover over the frozen column, the cells in the frozen column get this class appended, but the rest of the grid does not and vice versa when i hover over the non frozen column, the frozen column does not get the hover class.

Is this on purpose or am I doing something wrong? Does the order in which I set the grid hover and the splitAt(1) matter? I see that most of the other row manipulations work fine. The only one I am having issues with is the hover effect.

Thanks for your help

Hovering should be enabled before the splitAt() command:

mygrid.enableRowsHover(true,'grid_hover') mygrid.splitAt(1);