Row Id as Javascript object

Hi everybody,

Actually did a method to get some properties of row. Example:

When I add a new row, at row’s id I did like this:

objGrid.addRow({id: 12, name: ‘Name as Properties’,checked: true},‘text,text’,objGrid.getRowsNum());

But when I use the method objGrid.getSelectedRowId(), it returns me a string like this: “[Object object]”, not an object,

but a string. I need get the object.

I alerted type of return, and it gives me string, again not an object. With the method objGrid.attachEvent(“onRowSelect”,“callbackFunc”), I can.

Please, can somebody help me?


row ID must be an alpha-numeric string, you can’t use object as ID
If you need to store extra data in row you can use userdata or row attributes, which can be set programmatically