row is marked, even data is not modified...(Custom Excell)

Hi All
Please help me to solve the below problem…
Below is the code for Custom Excell(Custom Radio button)…
Row is marked when i m clicking in the custom cell not in the radio button.

it should be marked when user will click on the radio button. not in the custom cell.

[b]function eXcell_ffradio(cell)
if (cell)
this.cell = cell;
this.grid = this.cell.parentNode.grid;
var row_id=this.cell.parentNode.idd;
var Yvalue, Nvalue, value;
var cellIndex = this.cell._cellIndex;
if((val==‘Y’) || val==‘y’)
Yvalue = " Yes";
Yvalue= " Yes";
if((val==‘N’) || val==‘n’)
Nvalue = " No";
Nvalue= " No";
value = Yvalue+Nvalue;

	if(this.cell.innerHTML.indexOf('CHECKED') > -1){
    		return "Y";
    		return "N";
		return "";


eXcell_ffradio.prototype = new eXcell;[/b]

Thank You

Hi All
any solution for below issues…

Add following code inside custom eXcell code:

this.isDisabled=function(){ return true; }

Now it is working…
but while clicking on radio button also the row is not marked…

it should be marked, while clicking on radio button and it should not be marked while clicking on the custom cell(not in the radio button).
see the attached image…

Thank You

You should attach “onclick” event to each radio button and use DataProcessor API to mark clicked row changes: