Row is null in dhtmlxtreegrid


I have a grid where the 2nd column is of type Tree.

I am setting the rowspan for the first column based on the number of rows added to the tree. When I do that, I get an error saying ‘Object Required’ in IE and ‘row is null’ in Firefox.

Dont know the reason.

Help me with this.

Thank you.

Please provide any kind of sample where error can be reconstructed. ( you can send it directly to )
Actually the rowspan may not work in case of treegrid if they break tree hierarchy in any way.


Thanx for the reply.
Here is the piece of code,


In the last line of the code, if I remove the setRowspan, then it is perfectly working fine. Problem occurs both in IE and Firefox.

Please provide a fix for this.


Rowspan can’t be used against different levels of hierarchy as in your case.
In you code you creating rowspan, including parent and child items - which is not possible.

Has support for using rowspan across parent and child rows been added to later versions of the dhtmlxtreegrid? Is there a way to do it with some additional scripting? Thanks!

It still not possible ( and most probably will not be possible in next version as well, as it breaks a lot of basic constraints )