Row style with splitAt functionality

I have a problem with the style of rows when I use split functionality on IE 6.

For example, a grid with splitAt(1). The whole row is in bold on Firefox, but on IE 6, the row is in bold except the first cell because of the splitAt(1).

If I remove the spliAt, the whole row is in bold on IE 6.

It is the same problem if I want to use a specific border for a whole row, the style stops at the first cell.


What version of dthmlxGrid do you use? Similar problem was fixed at the latest version.If issue still occurs please send us any kind of sample where we can reproduce this issue. You can send it directly to the

I’m using dhtmlxTreeGrid_21_pro_90226-EVAL . I sent an example to .

Problem confirmed and fixed. Fixed js file sent by email.
Similar fix will be added to the next build of dhtmlxgrid.

Ok thanks.
I’m waiting for your e-mail.