RTL bugs

I fixed a couple of small bugs in RTL mode for the Windows component. You should probably apply these fixes to your code:

First, you have this in your rtl-css twice:
unicode-bidi: bidi-override;
This should be removed as it reverses the text, even RTL text.

Second, in IE8 when opening a dhtmlxWindow in RTL mode and then closing it. I get a grey bar on the left side of the browser. This is a component with the id of ‘dhx_windows_ieonclosefocusfix’ which is not supposed to be visible but appears in RTL mode. I fixed it by adding this:
.dhx_windows_ieonclosefocusfix {left:0px !important;} /iertl/


Thanks sharing your solutions!
We agree with the remark about “unicode-bidi”- we will remove this property for window title . But we have not managed to reproduce the second issue (dhx_windows_ieonclosefocusfix already has -10px as left position).

Simple to reproduce. I attached a sample using the code from my other post. Just open it in IE8 (I didn’t test in other versions), click on the toolbar button, then close the dhtmlx window and look at the left side of the browser.
bug.zip (1.73 KB)


Thank you for the demo. We have managed to reproduce the problem with your help.
We will consider the issue and add the fix in the next version.