RTL functions in 2.6


We’ve recently updated our dhtmlx codebase to 2.6 and I’m trying to integrate the rtl functionality within our existing layouts, trees, etc.

I’ve managed to enable it for the treeview (which looks really good by the way! :slight_smile:) but I can’t figure out how to set it for other components like the layout/accordion. I can’t seem to find the references within the documentation.

Does anyone know the function call or property to set rtl on these other components.

Thanks in advance,

I’ve just tried .setRTL() but I’m getting this error:

…setRTL is not a function


the method is correct - setRTL. However, rtl is provided only with Suite PRO edition (v.2.6).
If you have one, you need to include the rtl extention. The extention and rtl samples are located in the dhtmlxSuite/rtl folder.


Thanks for the response.

We do have the Pro version. It turns out that the rtl components weren’t included in the first 2.6 release (by mistake) according to another thread on here.

Downloading the most recent version has a folder ‘_RTL_support’ which has the necessary components.


I guess that documentation is not ok, in docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … ect_setrtl it says that setRTL method is included in any edition

Yes, you are right. RTL support is provided only with Suite PRO. Sorry for the mileading information. We will necessary correct this description.

Toolbar has setAlign method. Possibly you could use it instead: