rtl of dhtmlx menu

How to make the menu order to right to left for arabic support.

Is this possible in dhtmlx menu


unfortunately, no. Currently menu doesn’t support rtl mode.


Attached a hack of dhtmlxmenu.js
the constructor has a third (boolean) parameter: rtlMode. unfortunately its only a
pseudo rtl-mode because the sub-menues opens and checkboxes will be positioned like LTR.
But it is adequate for my needs.

dhtmlxmenu_rtlhack.js.zip (18 KB)

Final 2.5 release will have RTL support for menu and toolbar ( in both cases it will not works in IE-quirks mode, but will work for IE-standard )
It will work for all elements , including sub-menus
( 2.5 beta , which is available online, already contains part of this functionality )