Running Angular dhtmlx examples


Both examples are failing. Any chance some could take a look? I will provide error details if samples somehow work for you.



Are you referring to Scheduler and Gantt related articles in the dhtmlx blog ?
Which version of Angular JS are you using ?


I think I am using whatever comes with examples.


Please provide the error details, sample with default files works correctly while checking from my side.


Here is what Console shows when navigating to the Scheduler example:
GET localhost:7090/dhtmlx/angular-sc … ss/app.css index.html:7
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined
at Object.scheduler.render_view_data (localhost:7090/dhtmlx/angular-sc … js:157:454)
at Object.scheduler.update_view (localhost:7090/dhtmlx/angular-sc … js:110:196)
at Object.scheduler.updateView (localhost:7090/dhtmlx/angular-sc … js:112:314)
at Object.scheduler.setCurrentView (localhost:7090/dhtmlx/angular-sc … js:113:137)
at Object.scheduler.init (localhost:7090/dhtmlx/angular-sc … .js:79:477)
at link (localhost:7090/dhtmlx/angular-sc … r.js:43:17)
at k (localhost:7090/dhtmlx/angular-sc … .js:44:444)
at e (localhost:7090/dhtmlx/angular-sc … in.js:40:7)
at k (localhost:7090/dhtmlx/angular-sc … .js:44:382)
at e (localhost:7090/dhtmlx/angular-sc … .js:40:139)


In html you have something like next

<div data="events" dhx-scheduler

where data=“events” points to events structure in the scope

app.controller('MainSchedulerCtrl', function($scope) { $ = [ { id:1, text:"Task A-12458", start_date: new Date(2013, 10, 12), end_date: new Date(2013, 10, 16) }, { id:2, text:"Task A-83473", start_date: new Date(2013, 10, 22 ), end_date: new Date(2013, 10, 24 ) } ];

Please be sure that events ( or some other collection, that is used in your case ) is correctly defined.


Are we on the same page? I am running YOUR example which I did not modify.


The demo ( taken from ) works fine for me, I don’t have such error as one in your case.

Can you please confirm that you are using the same code without modification ?