Running Out of Memory

Hey all,

We are using the dhtmlxGrid objects in out web applications and have run into a small problem with one of them. We are using IE11 in edge mode and the latest dhtmlx library. The grid is using smart rendering and the data is being loaded from xml data returned from an AJAX call and parsed using the parse() function for the grid. What seems to be happening is we are getting out of memory errors when this grid is being loaded. No other grids have this problem and we cannot determine what could cause it. If we turn on the Memory Diagnostic tool in the Developer panel in IE11, the error never occurs. The page will freeze after parse() is called and won’t return back to normal for a couple of minutes. Sometimes we can pause the execution, and it always seems to be at this one point, shown in the photo below. It looks like this setSizes() function calls itself recursively, which could be causing the problem. Can anyone tell what this function is supposed to be doing or how it can be fixed?

Thank you!

Please, provide with a sample of your code with the init of the grid, or with a complete demo/demo link, where the problem can be reconstructed.

Unfortunately I can’t post much of the init code because of the way we set our grids up. But it seemed to be caused by something else on the page. After a little tinkering I got it to work, but still can’t determine the root cause. Thanks for the reply though sematik.