S-Curve should always start with 0% in all zoom level


I am using S-curve in my application. When I set the task start time as 9.45, zoom level is in “minutes” and S-curve is starting from ‘0’ percentage for both planned and real progress%. When I switch the zoom level from “minutes” to “hours”, S-curve starts from 25% for planned progress. I would like to start the S-curve always from 0%, when zoom is in “minutes”, “hours”, “day”, “month”, “quarter” & “year”.

Gantt Version: 6.2.2

Hello Sridhar,
Thank you for informing about the issues. Looks like, it works correctly only with the day scale or when the day scale is a minimal one.
I added it as a bug, and the dev team will fix it in the future. I cannot give you any ETA, but I will notify you when the issue is fixed.

Hello Ramil,
Thanks for the reply. please keep me posted when this issue resolves, thanks again.