Safari - onRowSelect always reports 0 for cell index

using: dhtmlxtreegrid pro 1.4, with the update you sent to me in Oct. for other safari fixes

In safari, the onRowSelect event is always passing 0 for the cell index, no matter where on the grid I click.

Nothing fancy in the setup:

after grid load:


event handler:

onRowSelectHandler : function(id, cellIndex) {

window.alert(id + ‘:’ + cellIndex);

if (cellIndex != 0) {

var instance = IA.tabs.StressTab.instance;






The id is correct, but the cell index is always 0.

No problems in FF, IE, or Opera.

Problem already fixed in latest build ( 1.4 build 71022 ), so updating to latest version must resolve issue.
If you are using some older version and can’t update to new one - please provide version and build numbers; We will try to provide some kind of patch