Same data in mobile and normal calendar


I use the 05_serialize_recurring.html template. Now i want to use the mobile version 01_init.html.
Now my question is, how i can use the same xml file for mobile and “desktop” version :question:
The target is, to have the same data on both calendars.

Please explain how i can do that :slight_smile:

Thank you!

You can load the same data in the mobile scheduler, but there is no API to serialize data back to XML in the mobile version.

$$('scheduler').load('serialized.xml', 'scheduler');

Hi Stanislav

I put this line in 01_init.html:


(php folder and data_r.xml is there too)

Is this ok?

Is there any way to edit and save the data back from the mobile calendar?

You can use dataprocessor and save(load) data in DB.
Save server side code will work for both mobile and normal versions of scheduler.

Hi Stanislav

I’m far away from a coder or little skilled in it.
Can you please give me an example of your idea?