same event in multiple units?

Hello. First of all I think this is a brilliant peace of software with so much great options!!!

I tried to search this forum and the docs for an answer to my problem (but without luck):

I have managed to set up the sceduler with connection to a localhost db.
I use the units-view feature to show a list of rooms. (the “event_fruits” in your example)

Now I’d like to be able to assign an event to more than one room, which is actually reflected in the db table (event_fruits) But how can I make the units-view reflect that more than one room is selected? The scheduler only renders the event in one unit.

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Oh, now I see that the input from the multichoice is not reflected in the db

How can I get the values into the event_fruit table?

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You need to verify that everything is correctly configured, I suggest checking multiselect sample and your own configuration to see if something is different.
Also try enabling log in the events.php:


Although technically it is possible it requires some complex coding. Logic behind necessary changes: then we load event with several options on the units view we need to create ‘fake’ events for every unit with the same time and text. For now we can’t provide complete solution for this.

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Thank you for Your kind response.

I’ll try to activate the log to see what happens.
But You gave me a hint, pointing at the “fake” events.
So I have to take a closer look at the code for now.

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