Same json for tree and scheduler

Hi, guys. I wanna create something like calendar,but add some features which are not present in the existing solutions. To implement my idea I want my tree and scheduler to have same objects (but represented in a different way). It’s not that difficult to do, but I want to improve the performance and create the tree and the scheduler from the same json (in order to avoid redundant rendering). Is there any good way to bring my idea to life?
Currently I have following solution: get json for Tree, parse it and create a new json for scheduler.Then parse that new json. What do you think about it?

Thank you for your help.

Please, clarify your question

My question is:
is there any way to use the same JSON for tree and scheduler? Can I write my own parser without changing existing API?

You can get data by ajax and with some custom parser load direct data for scheduler and tree