Same start date and end date

In month view, how do I only show the start time, if the end and start time are exactly the same?

			return ((scheduler.templates.event_date(start)==scheduler.templates.event_date(end)) ? scheduler.templates.event_date(start) : scheduler.templates.event_date(start)+" - "+scheduler.templates.event_date(end));;

The above doesn’t seem to do the trick?

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Where do you want to do it exactly?

By default only start time is displayed, check attachment.

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if the end and start time are exactly the same
Scheduler will have problems with events which has zero length. To be rendered correctly in all views event must have different start and end dates.

Scheduler seems to work pretty well with the same start and end times. It is only Month view, where I need to update the display, to only show the start time, if the dates are exactly the same.
See shot attached - “Task” should only show the start time.


Let’s take look at the ‘16:45 16:45 Task: Follow-up call’ event. Here there are actually two templates:

Your in the event_bar_text:function(start,end,ev){ function return date as well which result in two dates displayed.

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Great, found what I was looking for.

Thank you very much, I just updated these templates in my code and all sorted.

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