Sample: 14_days_as_sections and addMarkedTimestamp


we are trying to add marked timestamp to “daytimeline” view. But dxhtmlscheduler doesn’t render it.

Here is sample:

We have found what daytimeline generates hidden sections with date id.
We tried to add hard coded sections, but it still doesn’t work:

start_date: new Date(2017, 7, 10),
end_date: new Date(2019, 7, 11),
type: “dhx_time_block”,
css: “worktime”,
zones: “fullday”, // marks the entire day
sections: {
“timeline”: [1512079200000, 1512079200000]
“unit”: [1512079200000, 1512079200000]

Thank you.


Unfortunately, currently, MarkedTimespan is not supported in the day mode of timeline view.

When it will implemented? Is there any workaround?

Can’t specify the exact date. You are the first who need this functionality during at least the last 3 years, so implementing MarkedTimespan in day mode of timeline view has low priority for us now.
If it is critical for you, you try to implement it by yourself by changing source code or contact our sales department about custom development.