Sample code for implementing loadState and saveOpenState

Can anyone please provide me with sample code for implementation of methods load State, saveOpenState and how i can use them in my jsp to bring the state from one jsp to iframe of other jsp.

Here is the example for saveOpenState/loadOpenState: … okies.html

I’ve gone over the documentation and API for loadState and loadOpenState and I am not sure about the difference.

I am using several trees with checkboxes: to select search options. I want the trees to save their state so when the user returns to the search screen, he will find the trees just as he left them (branches opened or closed, check boxes checked or unchecked).

branches opened or closed, check boxes checked or unchecked
You can save checked state in DB, or just serialize tree back to xml , and save it.
Existing functionality allows to save open|close state on client side, but there is no way to store checked state in the same way ( can be stored on server side only )