sample for format number in dhtmlgridFromTable

Format Issues


I’m loading grid through dhtmlgridFromTable. I need to format numbers and I read every post, support, sample in your site.

I need only one thing: please show me the sample ( in your site or email to me or …) don’t say to add forceCellTypes=“true” or td format="$00.00" type=“edn”> or

because I test all of them and all of them did not work.

(may be I need full version not free version?)


Pooya Paridel

can be defined as part of header row
<table id=“tblToGrid” …

<td type=“edn” format=“0.00”>Column 1
Column 2

>>(may be I need full version not free version?)
Date and number formating supported by pro version only ( in case of standard edition, it still possible to define your custom excell type and use it for formatting )