Sample not saving

I am trying to utilize the recurring sample, but it fails to save. I am not receiving an error, but my data.xml is not modified.

Is there something that I am doing incorrectly? I have not modified the code in the xml_writer.php or the data.xml files that are provided.

I appreciate the assistance!

To save recurring event some extra steps need to be done on client side ( extra attributes , which are used by recurring events, need to be registered for serialization )

Check sample from the next post


Thank you. I was actually using the code that was in the that was on that post. Still no luck. Is there anything that needs to be modified before it will work?

I was looking over the code and nothing jumped out at me.

I appreciate the help!

Are you using js files from the sample, or latest from scheduler 2.2 package?

The key point of rec. event support is scheduler.data_attributes definition. If it presents - all other must work correctly.

Right now, I unzipped the, opened the html file in Internet Explorer, added a new entry, clicked save.

When I refreshed, nothing was saved. I have actually tried it both ways with the scheduler 2.2 package and from the ZIP file you provided on the other post.

To be sure - you are loading page through some kind of web-server which supports php , right ?
Also, be sure that folder with xml file has write permission.