Sample Recurring Events does not work

I get InvalidOperation exception as soon as I click on the Recurring Events sample in MVC5.
An exception of type ‘System.InvalidOperationException’ occurred in EntityFramework.dll but was not handled in user code

Additional information: The ‘event_length’ property on ‘Recurring’ could not be set to a ‘System.Int32’ value. You must set this property to a non-null value of type ‘System.Int64’.

Can anyone help me get it working?

we’ve confirmed the bug with the sample project. As a quick solution, please open a

and remove this line from Index action:

var evs = helper.GetOccurrences(Repository.Recurrings.ToList(), new DateTime(2011, 9, 26), new DateTime(2011, 10, 3));

We’ll do the fixes from our side in the nearest time

So when I remove that line I later get an error saying it is looking for Recurring.cs in the wrong directory (d:\downloads\temp\trial\samples\Scheduler.MVC5\Scheduler)

There appears to be something wrong with your build of the samples package. Please try redownloading the newest package from the site