sample to load data in dhtmlxgrid from REST service

i need sample to load data in dhtml grid using REST service.

Please, try to use the samples from the following package: …

I am trying to use dhtmlxgrid pro 5.0 with Django-Rest-Framework for dynamic data-loading.

gridQString = “http://localhost:8000/api/contacts/”;
mygrid.load(gridQString, “js”)

I test my REST api separately, it works fine to get paginated data by LimitOffsetPagination. But it doesn’t work with the above code.
The proposed “count, posStart, orderby” parameters don’t come up in the request link, like below:
“GET /api/contacts/?dhxr1516848431118=1 HTTP/1.1”

As the result, the data is partial in grid and won’t change as expected by scrolling down the grid. I didn’t see any requirement to use mygrid.enablePreRendering(10) in sample code;

I copy the above sample code in “dhx-rest-demos-clean”, it doesn’t help to build the request URL, say: “GET /api/contacts/?count=10&posStart=10&orderbyf=fullname HTTP/1.1”

Any idea or suggestion about this?